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Breaking the U.S. information and economic blockades of Cuba!

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Previous presentations include:

What's going on in Cuba? News and fake news (2021)
How can you find out what's really going on in Cuba? We will look at a variety of sources, including direct reports from my Cuban friends, and include the historical context, to get a reliable picture.

No e' fácil: Cuba continues the struggle after 120 years of U.S. interference (2020)
Where are U.S.-Cuban relations now and how did they get there?
Based on nine trips to Cuba from 2008 through 2020,
a report on the current situation,
including Cuban voices recorded in Cuba,
and the history that got us here

New Constituion, Lesbian/Trans Activism (2019)
Cuba has a new constitution: how did that happen? How does it affect marriage equality? What are lesbians and trans folks doing about it? Hear Cuban voices recorded in Cuba

Lives and Activism of Lesbians and Trans in Cuba (2018)
National and Governmental Organizations, Lesbian / Trans Groups, Activities and Campaigns, Personal experiences, Actions to Take
Includes messages from Cubans to the U.S.
Based on seven trips to Cuba